Why should you fall in love with a nurse?

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date a nurse

Why are you dating a nurse? Before we answer this question, let's see what the nurses do. In the hospital, patients need to be told what to do before the operation, cooperate with the doctor to complete the operation, and care for the patients after the operation. That is to say, the nurse is not an indispensable force in the whole operation process of the patient. When natural disasters occur, nurses also follow doctors to the affected areas to perform simple wound cleaning. Many singles want to date a doctor, but before you decide to take the doctor home, you should considerate the nurse.

1. They have job security.

Guess what? Hospitals, doctors, patients -- they all need nurses.

In the United States, the unemployment rate for nurses is less than two percent. What does that mean? They know what they want, and once they are nurses, they do their job. Take good care of every patient.

2. They make better caregivers than doctors.

One thing that will never shock or surprise you is that nurses are seen as better caregivers of patients than doctors, both inside and outside medicine. Most of the time, doctors are more aloof than nurses, and patients see what they say as life and death. Therefore, they always turn to the nurse for warmth, knowing that the nurse can always comfort them and make them relax.

3. They are morning (night) people.

Looking for a partner who prepares coffee hours before you pour it, or who turns off all the lights in the apartment before you go to bed?

In 2001, the American Nurses Association found that 51 percent of Nurses admitted to working an average of 41 to 60 hours a week, meaning they might wake up hours before you and be on patrol when you are asleep. Since patient care is a 24-hour service, nurses usually work 12-hour shifts from 7 to 7, which is long and tiring.

4. They are great communicators.

To their credit, nurses receive a wealth of important information every day, from medications and allergies to prognosis and care plans. So early in their careers, nurses learn how important clear, honest and thoughtful communication is.

They know that saying the wrong thing can lead to the wrong dose or procedure. So you can expect them to be open about what they want in a relationship, what they need, and whether you're giving it to them.

They are trustworthy.

There is no doubt that people trust nurses. They are present every day at the most critical moments in a patient's life.

According to Gallup, nursing ranks first among the "most admired professions."Who doesn't want a role model who is respected and trustworthy?

5. They're flexible.

Not only do nurses have flexible working hours, but their profession is also flexible. With 104 professional and multiple advanced nursing degrees, nurses can do a variety of jobs. Hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, schools -- the choices are endless. If you two choose to move, health care is a global necessity.

6. They're good at social

A nurse can talk to anyone. Old, young, man or woman - they come into contact with all walks of life every day. Not only can they talk to patients, but they can build trust immediately.

This incredible quality also comes with your date walking out of the workplace. Dinner parties, family gatherings, drinks with friends -- no matter where you take them, you don't have to worry about your date being shy.

7. They are skilled in body knowledge.

Nurses know the ebb and flow of human anatomy, which means they have no trouble finding your sensitive spots and never miss the mark. And you don't have to worry about showing off, because if you don't know where or how to touch a nurse, they'll give you one-on-one anatomy lessons to make sure you're doing your best. So will they.