Should you delete your ex from social media when you start dating on doctor dating sites?

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A lot of people who want to start a new date on matchmaking service for elite single doctors asked us if they should delete their ex's social media and start over. For the majority of the post-90s generation, that's when people started to access social media and start chatting with strangers online. So should you delete your ex's social media after a breakup, especially if you're starting a new date?

Let's take a look at a common scenario: when you start dating a guy or girl, over time, you bring each other's friends to hang out. Usually, we add our partner's friends' social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Then, when all the other friends join you as friends, your connection chain starts. You take lots of pictures together, you go to restaurants and bars together; Gradually, you find that you like your partner's friends.

Such things are all too common in real life. When you decide to end the relationship, whether you break up or get dumped, your social media accounts are full of contact information for former friends, and you're considering deleting them all.

Is that too harsh?

"If I delete them all, does it seem like I care too much?"

"Is it better to act as if nothing has happened and pretend not to care?"

These are all questions you might ask yourself, however, the only valid questions you should ask are:

What's good for me? Can let me find true love again on the Internet.

If you're a curious person or your own worst enemy, you'll find that out of boredom, you'll inevitably check your ex's homepage -- only to see pictures of them with their friends.

It stings, doesn't it?

While you may be well aware that your ex has left, it's different when the evidence is in your face. Instead of blissfully unaware, you take two steps forward.

You'll probably respond with a "look at me, I'm hot/see what you're missing." Again, this is not particularly useful. Showing off to your ex on Facebook in the hope that he or she will see it can be satisfying in the short term, especially if they "like it."

But it's probably the reason you broke up, and no amount of hot photos can bring your ex back. It just gives you false hope. If you're deeply affected by a breakup, you might spend the rest of your time analyzing their likes or comments, which won't help you either.

However, if the breakup is a mutual decision and neither of you is emotionally invested in the relationship, it may not be a problem (just awkward) to leave your ex on Facebook.

About your ex-friends:

After you break up, you and your ex's friend may not need to be alone. Most of the time, they're your exes. After all, they're your exes' friends. On the other hand, they may inadvertently post pictures of themselves with your ex on social media or something else that you don't want to see.

If you're worried that getting fired will offend them, you can always explain to them that you're deleting them as a friend, not personally. You also want to start a new life, instead of dwelling on the past and trust his friends to understand.

Another thing to remember is that just because you remove your ex and their friends from social media doesn't mean it's a done deal. When you are fully ready to become friends, you can add them at a later time.

The key is to be yourself. Don't kid yourself. If you don't see your ex on social media, you can take it. In the long run, this is harmful. It's like opening a wound every other day and expecting it to heal. Months can become years, but you still can't get through them.

From my point of view, now that you've decided to move on, you've put the past behind you. Of course, you may not be able to contact them again, so deleting them is your best option right now. Your new partner doesn't want to see you in contact with your ex, which is disrespectful to your new partner and a sign that you're not serious about the relationship. Now, are you ready to start looking for a rich partner on the internet?