Should you control your relationship? Having a Doctor Boyfriend

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Not letting your partner have any private space and dictating all their decisions to suit yourself is controlling. Tell them that they can and can't wear anything and that they are allowed to carry it with you, but let me get some direct things and hope that your partner treats you with respect. If you have a doctor boyfriend, and he always has no time to spend with you, I don't know if you want to control everything.

Time and time again, people who know nothing about my relationship are dissatisfied with my control. They said that because my boyfriend went out or bail for the plan he made for me, I sometimes get angry and I try to control him.

These people, friends, and family have known my boyfriend for a long time. In fact, some people know his life. Anyone who knows him knows that he did what he wanted when he wanted it. In fact, he may be the least likely to be controlled or do something he doesn't want to do.

It doesn’t help that I am a strong character who isn’t pushed about lightly, so automatically I am deemed as bossy and demanding as opposed to someone who wants the best for my relationship. Not sure, if the same would be said about him if the roles reversed but to be honest, I have had enough of it!

Just because I know my worth enough to know how I should be treated, that doesn’t make me controlling. I have every right to be annoyed at my boyfriend for going out three times a week or making zero effort with me, or for promising he would do something and then not doing it. Again, that’s not being controlling that is being a normal human being.

The moral of this story is that I need to stop thinking about other people's ideas. We have a good relationship, facing more obstacles, a 20-year senior, but like most, we have our problems. I just want people to avoid it and just comment on what they think is real, not what they don't know.

When you are dealing with relationships, trying to control the whole relationship not being understood, but it is not unnecessary. After all, your relationship is only clear to you, and others cannot comment. As long as both of you feel comfortable with this mode of getting along, there is nothing that can't be done.