Pros and Cons for an engineer marrying a doctor

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Learning to be a doctor is a full-time job and there is little time to date. And a senior engineer is very busy, and like doctors, they have almost no time to date. Therefore, most of them can only meet each other's true love through the engineer dating website and the doctor dating website. The frustrating thing is that even if they find each other in the middle, you will end up disappointed by the time you find in the busy schedule to meet you and date.

This article is from the case of an engineer and a doctor dating, they talked about the pros and cons of doctor dating engineer.

Mutual understanding

I am the chief physician of a public hospital in California, and inevitably, I have a lot of patients or surgery every day. Therefore, I can't reply to my boyfriend's text message or phone at any time. He also expressed understanding of my work, and me too. As a senior engineer, he also has many network problems to deal with, and we all respect and understand each other's careers.

No threat or ego issues

Have you seen your friends marry their spouses in the same industry and become more successful? Here, I know that in the end, doctors tend to make more money, so I am mentally prepared. Without the scope of jealousy or resentment, we can all succeed as much as possible without hurting each other's feelings. In addition, we all have equal opportunities to appear smarter in front of each other.

Interesting conversation:

She told me about the incurable diseases of her patients, and I told her about the network project I was working on. We exchange work conversations, not really looking forward to expert opinions, just for fun.


I know that because of her, I can count on surgeons, dentists, pediatricians, and many others. She knows who to call if her computer crashes or she needs a life hack or if she needs to find a good bar! In addition, doctors usually focus on their patients, so I can be quiet in my circle of friends.

The minimum level of intelligence expected

Doctors are smart in every way. Be smart enough not to fall in love with idiots. Therefore, both sides can get the benefits of no stupidity - no frustration.


You have to have more patience

Many times your doctor's spouse needs uninterrupted surgery for 6 hours or even longer. There is nothing in the morning and only 6 hours in the last 48 hours. In this case, no matter what you say or breathe, please be cautious and be cautious. Be patient and considerate, and remember, "This will also pass."

Family awkwardness

If your family members are more interested in discussing their health issues and get a free consultation instead of caring for you as you are used to, you may end up feeling a bit overlooked. However, I enjoy peace. Then there is pressure to stand up. How can doctors and non-doctors work together? 'The expectation.

The doctor vs the spouse

Usually, when you hug her, she suddenly touches some strange phenomena in your spine structure and begins to remind you that medical conditions you have never heard will affect parts of the body that you never knew.

Too little time to get along

Dating with a doctor is even more difficult than dating a millionaire, why? Because they have to leave you when they need them, and this is a common occurrence, you may experience it often. Sometimes even when you have a birthday.

In short, if you want to marry a doctor or marry an engineer, then your career is better not to be too busy and freer.