Ideal Presents To Give Someone You Just Started Dating

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On your first date with your doctor boyfriend, do you have a gift in mind? So here's the thing: you've just started dating someone new, and it's vacation time. You want to show your new boyfriend that you care by giving him something, but you don't want to go overboard and buy him a really expensive gift just to make him think you're good enough for him.

If you want to keep a low profile but still want your partner to know you're thinking of them, here are some thoughtful gift ideas that cost next to nothing and are perfect for your first date.

Baked goods.

Want something sweet but relatively uncertain? Some homemade baked goods can't go wrong. Bonus points if you can include your favorite things (e.g., your date has a lifelong history of sniggering). Pro tip: make sure you consider any dietary restrictions. Trust me, doctors often forget to eat when doctors work long hours, if you can make some cookies for him and give them to him, he will be very happy.

A home-cooked meal.

In the age of takeout and cold cuts, who doesn't love a mindful home-cooked meal? Make something simple and delicious that you know they'll enjoy, light a few candles, and even add a seasonal drink to your holiday celebrations. If your date is busy with work or a final exam, offer to bring a meal. Note: if your cooking isn't advanced enough to microwave a packet of ramen in a bowl of water, you may want to forgo this option.

Of course, if you really want to try cooking for your boyfriend, you can also sign up for a cooking class.

A tin of their favorite snack.

Maybe your date is always talking about how much they like Cheetos or how much they like animal crackers. Show them that you've been paying attention and give them a festive tin full of their favorite snacks. "I hate when people bring me my favorite snacks" -- no one ever said that.

A handwritten note or card.

Kick it old school with a thoughtful handwritten note or card that lets your date know exactly how you feel about them.

Something that pays homage to an inside joke.

Just like giving your partner a favorite snack, pick up a small item that reminds them of your joke and shows them you're paying attention. (this, by the way, is how I sent my ex a big packet of bubble wrap - yes, he loved it).

A bottle of wine or their favorite brew.

If you're not sure about your relationship with someone, consumer goods gifts are always a good choice. Pick a bottle of your date's favorite wine or craft beer and invite them to share.

A photo ornament.

If you already have a collection of selfies, print out one of them as a souvenir photo ornament (you can get one for a few dollars at your local craft store). If your date is totally obsessed with Instagram and/or cameras, this is the perfect way to honor one aspect of their personality while creating a lovely memorial to your time together.

The first date doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it's thoughtful and your boyfriend will love it. So it's easy to date a doctor, isn't it?