How Many Dates Before Sex is Appropriate?

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Men, especially those looking for love on dentist dating sites, often wonder when it's best to start a closer relationship with her. They even want to know how many dates before sex, so you have more realistic expectations.

Different people will give you different answers. Luckily, our dating expert will show you how to have sex on a first date.


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Today, dating experts will answer that question directly.

If you know what to do and are good at flirting and seducing women, you can often have sex on the first date. If you're really nice or the woman you're with has an irresistible attraction for you, you don't even need to go on a date!

If you have enough time to have sex and you have a good place to go, sex is possible.

In other words, if you're really good at seducing women, the only things holding you back on a date are time constraints and logistical issues.

How many dates you have before sex depends on how quickly and how attracted you are to each other. Eventually, if all goes well, sexual tension will develop. There will be sparks and eventually you will sleep together.

This can happen in a span of several dates or just the first one.

By the way, that's why a first date that lasts half a day or more is most likely to end with you in bed.

So you see, the question of whether you can have sex on what date is essentially wrong. Because what matters is not the quantity of the date but the quality of the date.


There are several important things you should do before sex starts on your date. These are important things to remember if you want to sleep with your date.


When the date starts, you want to make her as happy as possible. Make her feel that you are fun to be with and that it promotes mutual understanding.

Everything else is built on these two foundations. Because if she can't even have fun with you on your date, you can't seduce her.

Of course, if you just have fun and never really get to know the other person on a personal level, she will eventually start to wonder why you like her. She will ask why you spend time with her. She may feel like you just want to sleep with her like any other guy.

You have to let her know that she means a lot to you, at least on your date. Pay attention to your date before sex enters your mind! Flirting should be appropriate. Your relationship is serious, not casual dating.

Let her know that you want to know her and that she is more than just someone you want to sleep with. Even if your ultimate goal is to have sex with her, at least try to make her feel special and have a deep conversation with her.

Better yet, don't wait for her to wonder why she likes her. In your conversation, you can leave hints here and there about why you think she's great. Talk less about how sexy she is and more about her personality, her passion, and her ideas.

This will build the trust you need to feel comfortable with her around you.


Stimulating attraction involves many different things. This includes showing off your best qualities, various masculine traits, and what you are going to achieve in life.

It also includes flirting, teasing, sharing your sense of humor, showing your personality and sharing your passion. Have confident and open body language. Make more eye contact. Have the courage to be a little sensitive when you can.

This last part is essential if you want to have a sexual relationship. Because in order for her to feel comfortable with you, she must first feel very comfortable with your touch.

That's why it's often said that men should develop a sensitive physical relationship early on.

No matter how many times you think you have to date before sex, if you don't touch her at all during the date, you'll never get into her bed.

So make a habit of touching your date as soon as you see her. To start, in a very polite way, touch it in the right place. Then, as you get closer and closer to each other, feel free to touch each other.

Get her used to your presence until she enjoys it and becomes more comfortable with you.