8 Biggest First-Date Lies Scammers on Doctor Online Dating Sites Make

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When we join dating sites for rich singles, we mistakenly assume that all our premium members are verified millionaires, which is not the case. Disappointingly, many men and women are just average people with no high income, but it's amazing to see his profile as a millionaire.

Many users mistakenly deem they are dating a rich doctor, lawyer, or millionaire before they start the first date, only to discover that the other person is faking it. We all understand that anyone can be nervous, anxious and upset on a first date. This is not surprising. On a first date, we get upset because we don't know what to wear, where to go or what to say. Everyone can fib from time to time to make a good impression on a first date. Whether you accept a certain level of lying or not, here are 8 biggest first-sate lies scams on dating doctors online making:

1. I'm looking for a long-term relationship

Unlike the truly rich, some men ask you out mostly for sex, whether they claim to be looking for a romantic, long-term relationship or not. If he doesn't succeed in having a physical relationship with you on the first date, he may go on a second date with you. Sometimes they will give you false promises in order not to lose you, or cheat you to get what they want. After that, they never got back in touch. This person is just trying to play with you. Block him before it's too late.

2. My age is only 28 years old

People mistakenly assume that only women mind being asked their age, especially when they reach a certain age. However, according to the survey, men also tend to lie about their age. There's no reason why. Just like women, men don't like to tell people about their true age. However, if this man manages to keep his little secret about his profile and dating, he's probably lying to you about something else.

3. I have a 6-figure salary

Men like to pretend to be millionaires in front of a woman they have a crush on because they believe that women love men's money. He's just an employee at a particular company or restaurant he's talking about. It's believed that women are attracted to powerful men, which explains why so many people on rich dating sites want to marry a millionaire.

4. I have two single villas in downtown

Just like women, men want to be desired. He could mention that he lived in a big house but forgot to mention that his parents lived there too. Or he has a swimming pool, but his house is currently under repair. Anyway, girls, you should have some fantasies on your first date. Your job is to filter out white lies and identify saboteurs.

5. I don't drink or smoke

If he tells you he doesn't drink or smoke, you need to take a hard look at what he's saying. When you get closer and smell the alcohol, it's weird.

6. I've only had one serious relationship

The news has both advantages and disadvantages. If you like a man who is humble and loyal rather than a beast, then you are a lucky woman. In any case, you'll never hear the true story of his previous relationship which is why it's best not to start the conversation. He will downplay the number of partners he has, or he will show that he is a wonderful lover and make you crave him.

7. I'm not seeing anyone right now

As bad as it sounds, in 2018, people can go on several dates at once. This works well when all parties agree to such terms and no one is deceived. Married men date several sugar babies at the same time on different seeking sugar baby site. They will ask you not to call them at a particular time because it's likely that he was on vacation with a sugar baby.

8. I'm not married

Dating a rich man with children seems like a burden. Especially if you have a child from a previous relationship and you are not the primary caregiver, you are more likely to skip sharing this information. Maybe you won't talk about it on the first date. It will be the best option. So don't ask personal questions in the first place.