5 Ways to Make Your Doctor Boyfriend Romantic

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Every man has a romantic side, but not every man is good at expressing his feelings. As your relationship progresses, you may notice how little effort your boyfriend puts into sex and romance. Want to know how to make a doctor boyfriend more romantic? It only takes a little push to bring about many unexpected surprises.

Regular Romantic Dinners

Arrange a romantic dinner at least two times a month. Cook his favorite dinner, or take him to his favorite restaurant. Wear something that is sexy along with jewelry or perfume that he bought, so that he notices how much effort you are putting into the occasion. Talk about how much you wish you could have more intimate dinners.

Communication With Your Heart

Talk to your boyfriend about how much you want to see his romantic side. Be specific about what you like about him and what you don't like about him. If he's never been a romantic type, share the types of activities you'd like to participate in to strengthen the romantic relationship.

Don't Be Shy to Show How You Love Him

Do all the romantic gestures you want from your boyfriend. Pick a day and send him a bunch of flowers to work. Add a card to the bouquet to show how you really feel and how much you enjoy his company. If he doesn't respond, send him another bouquet of flowers so he gets the hint that you want the same in return.

Give Each Other A Little More Time

Give yourself time to build a romantic relationship with him, because it won't happen overnight. Know what kind of person he is and be realistic about what you expect of him.

Tell Him Your Needs

Express how he can inject more emotion into all your intimate encounters. When you put on your nice clothes, tell him what you like to hear. Let him know that you like to hold hands when you're both out on a date. Show these gestures and let him know how to do them. Know what you want so he can give you what you want. Don't let your boyfriend guess what you want. Simply state your needs and let him do what he can to satisfy you.

Finding a doctor to date can be even more boring. So you need to make an effort to make your doctor boyfriend realize he's not romantic enough. Then he will make a change for you.