5 Reasons to tell doctor friends why you are still single now

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You have a decent job and you look good. Why are you still single? Many doctor friends often meet experts on the Internet about these issues. It should be easy for elite single doctors to find a suitable partner in real life, but why do we see so many doctors getting married so late?

Sometimes we are not aware of the patterns and choices we make in our daily lives, and these patterns and choices essentially shape the state of our lives and relationships, so it's time to stop and do a psychological check:

1. He said you're dating the wrong guy again...Again and again...Again and again.

Almost every one of us has had a bad date. Because in our subconscious, we've all imagined an ideal partner, and we've imagined one that best fits our criteria.Including their personality traits, physical characteristics, and how they will fascinate us. But do we want the same thing as we need? We envy others for having such an excellent partner, but we don't consider our reality, so we always date those who look great, but are not suitable for us, which leads to the failure of date after date.

It's important to find the right person for you by identifying your values, outlook, and outlook on the world. It's also important to date someone who is emotionally ready to commit to you and who knows where you are and what you want.

There are some great candidates, and unfortunately, half the time we ignore them because we're too busy focusing on (or trying to address) those who let us down.

Start taking your dating options seriously and stay away from people who have different goals or who don't make you happy. Good love is one that makes both people better.

2. You repeat the same bad habits and patterns.

If you fail over and over again, look for your problems, not just your partner's. Because after frequent dating failures, you're likely to develop bad habits, and every relationship is a formality. So slow down, if you can, and stop and take a good look at your old relationships. Why do you always quarrel? Is every fight about the same thing? Have you ever tried to communicate well? You may be surprised to learn that each partner has a clear blueprint, which is a clear sign that your relationship needs to change.

I found myself talking just to get a reaction. It was all based on my insecurities and I realized that I needed to exercise myself first to make sure I could develop new healthy habits. It takes patience and time, but it's worth being a better partner in your next relationship, and it can help you find a better one.

3. What bad habits do you need to change?

He said: you can't forget the past.

It's often said that the best way to get over an old relationship, the person who hurt and hurt you, is to start a new one. If you're waiting to enter a new chapter, you can't just reread the last chapter of your life. It's important to determine when a season or relationship ends in your life so you can close the door and focus on what happens next.

Letting go requires the discipline of the mind and heart, but it's essential for your daily recovery and progress, not to mention love. Yes, you've been burned, disappointed and heartbroken. We all do. But if our lives are built on failure instead of success, we become fragmented and unfulfilled.

When you're starting a new date, one deadly topic you should never mention to your new partner is your ex. No one wants to listen to your ex all the time on the first date, which is disrespectful to your new partner and will scare away your new one.

If someone you like wants to talk about it, my rule is to skip it and change the subject. There's no need to talk about your past when things are new.

4. He said: you are waiting for them to finish you.

We should all know the golden rule by now: without a relationship, you must first be completed. Yes -- it sounds simple, but it takes a lot of effort to be happy and happy in every season of your life, including the single season.

The problem is that when we start looking for and desperately want another person to fulfill our happiness, we can begin to compromise our values, standards, and self-worth to satisfy that desire. Life doesn't start when you meet the right person or the right person. It starts now and you miss it because you're too busy looking for a happiness that only you can bring.

5. They won't show up at your door!

If all you want to do is wait for someone to knock on your door, you may be disappointed. Only when you walk on the dating stage positively and optimistically can you be seen by others and have good love and lovers. As a doctor, trying new ways to find a suitable partner may yield better results than you do in real life. Well, it's time to join a professional singles website for doctors. Join now!